The City of Vertical Islands are an archipelago of dense apartment building clusters across Toronto's north-east and north-west regions. These communities were largely built between 1961-1980, and almost 80% of residents live in apartment buildings. A high proportion of residents are also in low-income brackets, and this City has the highest overall economic inequality between residents. The City of Vertical Islands has both the highest level of low-income households (27.1%) and subsidized housing (28.2%). These neighbourhoods also have the highest percentage of housing that is non-suitable (overcrowded) and in need of major repair. With the most affordable monthly rents compared to the other 9 cities, the City of Vertical Islands shows that these clusters of dense apartments provide an important housing stock for the GTA's lower-income renters. As the city continues to change it is imperative that these neighbourhoods are not forgotten, and that investment is made to improve housing conditions for some of the city's most marginalized populations.


Bramalea City Centre, Jamestown, Rexdale, Black Creek, Weston, Flemingdon Park, Thorncliffe, West Hill, Crescent Town