The City of Suburbia, Redefined is a series of neighbourhoods surrounding the core suburban centres of City Five. This is the biggest collection of neighbourhoods, representing over 200,000 people, or 20% of Ottawa. Virtually all housing here has been built since the 1990's, and more than half was built since 2006. While over 50% of housing is single detached units, this is about 10% lower than the core suburban areas of Urban Suburban, meaning that these neighbourhoods are more comprised of denser townhouse units. Residents are a little bit wealthier than the core suburban areas and in general residents in these areas are within the same, upper-middle income bracket. 90% of housing is lived in by owners, and just 2% requires major repairs. Similar to Urban Suburban, many families make their homes here, however families are far more diverse, including many more people from racialized communities, more immigrant and second generation families and individuals speaking a primary language other than French or English.


Morgan's Grant, Bridlewood-Emerald Meadows, Stonebridge, Riverside South-Leitrim, Chapel Hill South, Navan