The City of Precarious Islands is a cluster of relatively disadvantaged neighbourhoods throughout the urban core of Ottawa. A large proportion of housing in these communities is subsidized, and much of the housing stock is older, in need of major repairs and overcrowded. About 73% of residents are renting tenants, compared to an average of about 30% across Ottawa. A majority of housing are apartment buildings, with about 60% of all housing built between 1960-1990. Residents are highly mobile on average, with about half moving every 5 years. Unemployment is extremely high at 14%, and one-third of residents are in the low-income economic bracket. Half of the population identifies as racialized. 4 out of 10 families are immigrants, and 10% of residents are recent immigrants, arriving within the past 5 years. These communities are home to a high proportion of families, and one-third of all families are led by a sole parent. Education is also a challenge in these neighbourhoods; just under half of adults have attained a college or university level of education, compared to an average of about 68% across the city.


Vanier South, Overbrook, Bayshore, Carlington, Strathcona Heights, Somerset West, Heatherington, Hawthorne Meadows