Although the City of Hedged Communities is nestled among other urban "Cities" close to Toronto's core, it's been placed within a different category due to a few key reasons. Whereas the surrounding cities feature lots of apartment buildings, non-family households, a strong diversity of cultures and linguistic backgrounds and a mix of income brackets, the neighbourhoods of Hedged Communities are generally home to relatively well-off homeowner families living in single detached homes. Many of these neighbourhoods are associated with established wealth, and line up with David Hulchanski's wealthier City #1 in his well known study of Toronto's Three Cities, which examined growing income inequality across the city. Even though these communities lie directly within the heart of Toronto, these communities have a lot more in common with some of the GTA's suburban areas.


Oakville, Peel Village, Lorne Park, Mineola, Sunnylea, Thorncrest, Forest Hill, Bedford Park, Lawrence Park, Leaside, Moorepark, Rosedale, Summerhill, The Beaches, Cliffcrest, Bayview Village, Guildwood