The City of Flipped & Flourishing is a collection of some of Toronto's oldest and most layered neighbourhoods. Many of these neighbourhoods have seen a past life of being urban working class neighbourhoods close to the city's core. With the increased value of downtown living, these neighbourhoods have been gentrified over the past few generations and are now some of the wealthiest parts of Toronto. With a quarter of homes constructed before 1961, these communities have some of the oldest housing stock that has been renovated for a new group of wealthier residents. While this city is not as wealthy on average as the City of Hedged Communities, it is the second wealthiest city and generally are positioned directly surrounding many of the wealthiest parts of the GTA that make up the Hedged Communities neighbourhoods.


Port Credit, Long Branch, Swansea, Bloor West Village, High Park, The Junction, Roncesvalles, Little Italy, Trinity Bellwood, The Annex, Wychwood, Humewood, Dovercourt Park, Forest Hill North, Armour Heights, Riverdale, The Danforth, Upper Beach, Birch Cliff, Deer Park, Cabbage Town