Google Earth

Download the following files to explore the 10 cities of Toronto or 9 Cities of Ottawa in Google Earth 3D view.

Files can be opened either through the Google Earth desktop application or browser:

Instructions for importing data into Google Earth:

Google Earth Browser:

  • Download Ottawa or Toronto .kml file

  • Open Google Earth browser

  • Click on the Projects tab on the sidebar. Click "New Project" and load the KML file

  • You will be able to explore in 3D the maps, however will need to use the desktop version to adjust layer transparency and angles

Google Earth Pro (Desktop):

  • Download either .kml file

  • Open file in Google Earth Pro Desktop application

Raw Data

Data supporting the Ten Cities analysis for both Toronto and Ottawa can be downloaded below. Data includes raw census tract data, factorial analysis outputs, cluster analysis outputs and summary table statistics for each cluster.